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Top managers and personnel directors agree Your Executive Image Training empowers you to:

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Build mutually supportive connections
Accelerate reaching sales goals
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Why Your Executive Image?

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are. You have substantial responsibilities, considerable challenges, and visibility. Do you have the Right Stuff?

You’ve heard the phrase used to describe impressive individuals who are role models with integrity, authenticity and generosity. You can take your Leadership abilities to the next stage, demonstrating you have the poise as well as the expertise to advance beyond your present position.

Executive Presence is a prerequisite for career advancement, leadership and sales success. Develop the Executive Presence you need to make a real impact on your peers, colleagues and leaders.

Your Executive Image, LLC has a breakthrough approach to Executive Presence training featuring proven exercises, custom peer feedback, and video analysis. Every training concept and exercise you will learn has been researched and developed by Ginny Baldridge and her team, leading authorities on Executive Presence.

Your Executive Image has worked with leaders from several of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as countless midmarket and small businesses from all over the United States for the past 20 years. Our FIRST-CLASS seminars and workshops will enhance your ability to make a positive impact with credibility and influence customers, C-suite leaders and colleagues.

Discover how to influence, inspire, and build your leadership brand

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Our Valued Clients

See what people are saying...

  • Rodney Kinzinger, Managing Partner
    Ginny's expertise was clear from the moment we sat down. Her philosophy of moving from the anxious guest to the
    'Welcoming Host' is central to her message. Her advice was very actionable by our people. They could quickly comprehend and execute on her valuable instruction. I am certain our staff at Deloitte will be more effective in reaching business contacts and nurturing vital relationships.
    Rodney Kinzinger, Managing Partner
    Deloitte, LLP
  • We were happy to sponsor Your Executive Image, LLC, and the Executive Presence training because of the value participants receive in their personal and professional development. Two of our key management team members have benefited from the training with more effective communication, more confidence in their presentations, and they have strengthened the integrity of Kelly Mitchell’s company brand. “I’ve known Ginny Baldridge for the past four years as we served on the Women’s Leadership Committee for United Way- St. Louis. She is well-known to be authentic and warm, and very enthusiastic about serving others. (Kelly Mitchell is an award-winning technical staffing firm serving Fortune 500 and high-tech organizations on a global scale.)
    Rebecca Boyer
    Kelly Mitchell- Vice President and CFO
  • I didn’t know what to expect, The Executive Presence training including many hands on activities and one on one coaching. I definitely recommend Your Executive Image training for any young professional. It definitely exceeded my expectations.
    Michael Brady
    Wells Fargo Advisors – Internal Business Development
  • Pam Huntspon
    I wanted to say thank you for last Thursday, March 17th and Friday, March 18th.  It was a pleasure to meet and spend the two days with you and Mirella.  I was educated and re-introduced to material that I long lost touch with.  Your thoughtfulness with presenting much needed material was very welcoming.  Thank you for wanting to assist us all with be better both professionally and personally.
    Pam Huntspon
    YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis- ERSEA Administrator
  • John Bachmann
    "Ginny’s materials and program are outstanding. In today’s overly casual workplace, this information is more important than ever. It sets one apart."
    John Bachmann
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Past Chairman of the Board of Directors and Member of the Senior Council Edward Jones,
    Senior Partner Washington University in St. Louis, Trustee
  • Bill Kruse, CEO
    “Ginny’s engaging and interactive instruction style offered a delightful reminder of behavior we thought we exhibited and in some cases didn’t and some habits we thought acceptable and again, in some cases weren’t. Ginny’s very effective course reminded our team of the proper way to present our company and insure we left behind a favorable impression of Hauk Kruse & Associates.”
    Bill Kruse, CEO
    Hauk Kruse & Associates
  • Traci O' Bryan
    I feel like a million-bucks in my new clothes and with an image I wanted to portray. Every woman should empower herself to experience that.
    Traci O' Bryan
    Arcturis, CEO
  • Colleen Beckemeyer
    The one-on-one image coaching sets you at ease to be comfortable in creating the image you know you want, but somehow can’t quite pull together on your own. Ginny Baldridge is gracious and ingenious in building your confidence to new levels of style.
    Colleen Beckemeyer
    Ameriprise Financial Advisor
  • Mary Sherfy
    “I had two key observations during Ginny’s presentation. First, she is a delightful, engaging speaker who visually embodies her message. It is evident by her well-groomed appearance and confident speaking skills that she believes in herself and is committed to helping others achieve the same. She brought instant credibility and connection to her audience with her ability to share difficult moments with grace and courage.”
    Mary Sherfy
    St. Louis American Cancer Society
  • Emily Austin
    Ginny was a featured speaker in the Murray Hill Institute's Fashion Intelligence Symposium, at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Ginny is a recognized authority within the fashion community and a sought after speaker at industry events. “She was so professional and beautiful, and had such a command and poise at the same time – she was my favorite presenter.”
    Emily Austin
    Marketing and Advertising Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Stacey Johnson
    The YEI 2 Day Seminar gave me guidance during my transition as a leader of a big team.The aspects of leading a meeting, presentation skills and body language were outstanding. I am very appreciative of my experience and plan to send my administrative team to the next training.
    Stacey Johnson
    Head Start Director at YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • Susan Carrillo MIB, FLMI
    I wanted to thank you for your ‘Introduction to Executive Presence’ presentation. I received very positive feedback from our global marketing attendees and they expressed that they particularly appreciated your comments on acting as the host when networking, aspects of body language, and professional appearance. Great job!
    Susan Carrillo MIB, FLMI
    Vice President, RGA Global Marketing
  • Amy Caster, Gates Foundation
    I LOVED this session, even though none of us realize we become complacent in certain areas as we go through our day-to-day routine. Ginny's talk reminded me of how our clients hold us to high esteem and I should remember to always help my colleagues in our office - from my appearance to the office's appearance and that I am representing our non-profit. This is the best professional etiquette program I have ever attended!
    Amy Caster, Gates Foundation
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • Mary Likens
    I have worked with Ginny for almost a year and have discovered that she has the ability to help individuals embrace their uniqueness, their talents, and inspire them to reach for their goals. She has given me the skills and the confidence to begin a job search, complete and send my resumes to firms that I would previously would not have considered. She has taken the steps to help me improve my overall appearance and demeanor. She is readily available to answer any questions and offer positive suggestions. I have attended seminars she has offered and she is extremely insightful, practical and entertaining.
    Mary Likens
    St. Louis Center for Functional Medicine
  • Connie Huck, President
    Recently I had the pleasure of working with Ginny Baldridge, Your Executive lmage, LLC. to help transition into my new role as President of Kent Precision Foods Group, lnc. We all know “the details matter". However, up to this point in my career I applied all my energy into making sure I got the details right for the customer. I never thought of myself as one of the details. After a few coaching sessions, I realized I was a very important detail for the customers and now for the employees. My executive presence set the tone, provided reassurance and confidence to all individuals around me. Ginny assisted me with one-on one coaching. She is truly remarkable in her professionalism, knowledge of her subject and her passion and energy she displays in her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any assignment she is considered for.
    Connie Huck, President
    Kent Precision Foods Group. lnc.
  • Kathleen Bilderback
    The Executive Presence program was fun and took direct aim at a problem that is facing every company hiring young executives.  There is an entire generation of young lawyers, and incredibly sharp professionals, that aren’t dressing appropriately and aren’t behaving in a refined manner. Typically this is because they simply don’t understand the criterion they are being judged by. Even if you’re a master at something, you can always learn more. I emphatically recommend ‘The Executive Presence Program’ at Your Executive Image, LLC.”
    Kathleen Bilderback
    Partner, Affinity Law Group, St. Louis
  • Linda Levy Katz
    What a fantastic class! This is the refrain that I heard over and over from all the attendees. You have greatly impressed all who met you and were privileged to interact with you.Thank you, again, for your generosity and leadership. It made a difference for me.  I not only will be using what I learned, I will be sharing it with others.
    Linda Levy Katz
  • Michelle Sutton
    Ginny, Thanks for your presentation to the Women of Con Edison on The Power of Image. The 150+ women who attended agreed that the information was useful, relevant to their career development, and well received. They found your presentation fun and engaging as well! Thanks, again, and have a great week!
    Michelle Sutton
    Con Edison, Long Island City, NY
  • Joe Mirocke
    Ginny was a fantastic presenter and offered us practical changes we can make in our everyday process that make an impact on our Executive Presence. I went into this session thinking it would be "common sense" but I quickly discovered that I absolutely needed a refresher course in communication etiquette. This session should be required for every new Financial Advisor!
    Joe Mirocke
    Edward Jones Regional Leader, Canton Ohio

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