Career & Executive Presence Development

Personalized assessments, customized learning strategies & real-time support

Get the advantage to achieve higher levels of performance!

Excelling your ability to present yourself is a critical management and leadership skill.

With individualized coaching, leverage and grow your authentic self and improve your interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Aspiring professionals often recognize the need to expand their overall business etiquette acumen, while seasoned leaders may choose to focus on a specific executive presence goal.

Coaching sessions are personalized according to your needs and availability.

Generally, a three-month commitment ensures you will gain all the skills presented in the executive presence training we provide.

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Ask Yourself:

  • Do others view me as firm, fair, and with high integrity?
  • Do I have an appealing and professional self-presentation?
  • Am I a compelling and persuasive communicator in meetings?
  • Am I perceived as passionate, purposeful and inspirational?
  • Am I strategic, systemic in the use of body language?
  • Am I well-mannered and converse easily in any situation?
  • Do I manage relationships well?
  • Am I confident in hosting or attending business meals?

2 KEY STEPS: To Start Your Executive Presence Journey

Recognize your need to know. Commit to private coaching and training.

Career development is the series of activities or the on-going/lifelong process of developing one’s career. With Tony’s executive leadership experience as well as many career mentoring sessions, he has the practical knowledge to give you a real-life experience on how one advances their career.

Career development is directly linked to the goals and objectives set by the individual. It starts with self-realization and self-assessment of one’s interests and capabilities.

Individual Sessions will lead to you acquiring work and career experiences that are particularly suitable for you. Tony will lead you in designing and generating a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your career goals.

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See What Our Private Coaching Clients Are Saying

  • Mary Likens
    I have worked with Ginny for almost a year and have discovered that she has the ability to help individuals embrace their uniqueness, their talents, and inspire them to reach for their goals. She has given me the skills and the confidence to begin a job search, complete and send my resumes to firms that I would previously would not have considered. She has taken the steps to help me improve my overall appearance and demeanor. She is readily available to answer any questions and offer positive suggestions. I have attended seminars she has offered and she is extremely insightful, practical and entertaining.
    Mary Likens
    St. Louis Center for Functional Medicine
  • Connie Huck, President
    Recently I had the pleasure of working with Ginny Baldridge, Your Executive lmage, LLC. to help transition into my new role as President of Kent Precision Foods Group, lnc. We all know “the details matter". However, up to this point in my career I applied all my energy into making sure I got the details right for the customer. I never thought of myself as one of the details. After a few coaching sessions, I realized I was a very important detail for the customers and now for the employees. My executive presence set the tone, provided reassurance and confidence to all individuals around me. Ginny assisted me with one-on one coaching. She is truly remarkable in her professionalism, knowledge of her subject and her passion and energy she displays in her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any assignment she is considered for.
    Connie Huck, President
    Kent Precision Foods Group. lnc.

It is only when we connect with others that we can lead.
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