Image Consulting

As a certified Image Consultant of 16 years, I’ve seen image upgrades be particularly helpful during transitions -- when looking for a new job, stepping into a new or more public role, or changing work environments.

If you’re in a period of change or just feeling stuck and in a rut, now may be the right time to seek our services.

We offer both corporate and private image consulting services.

Interested in Image Training for your Employees?

Check out 'The Power of Image' Keynote

In this keynote we cover:

The art of making a good First Impression – and why you should care...
How to craft Credibility, Likeability, Attractiveness and Power in your professional interactions...
How to understand and thoughtfully develop your Non-Verbal Intelligence...
Raising your visibility authentically
Keeping your brand messages in sync

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Seize the opportunity to make a fabulous first impression!

Our individual coaching programs are one of the best investments you can make in yourself

Executive Image Power

An all-inclusive program for the busy executive who desires an image that exudes both confidence and a powerful presence for personal and professional success
If you're an executive looking for sizzling success, the Executive Image Power consulting program is for you.

Executives who also focus on their strong visual aesthetics and careful packaging will successfully project a positive brand and professional image onto their target market, within seconds of first being seen.

The visual image that you project onto the outside world reflects your personality, your work ethic, your lifestyle, your belief system, and your core values.

Initial Consultation
Custom Color Analysis
Body Shape Analysis
Wardrobe Audit
Closet Organization
Shop Your Closet/Outfit Creation
Personal Shopping
The Art of Accessorizing and Makeover
6 month Follow-up Consultation
Executive Image Power Package Fee


(One-time Fee)

Presence, Poised & Polished

Nobody is born with a polished presence. But you can, and should, cultivate a top notch professional image. What’s more it doesn’t have to cost dearly or take a lifetime to master
Want to feel and look fabulous with an effortless style?

Let me show you how to make your wardrobe work for you in a way that represents your style, your personality, and the genuine image you want to portray.

The Presence, Poised & Polished Package will empower you to communicate a confident, professional leadership presence and visual image for increased influence. I will work with you one-on-one to help you define your personal style & display a genuine image!

Initial Consultation
Define Your Personal Style
Display a Genuine Image
Personal Shopping Excursion
Defined Shopping Goals
Efficient Budget Management
Painless Shopping Strategy
Mix & Match New and Current Wardrobe
Follow-up Consultation
Presence, Poised & Polished Package Fee


($250 per hour/service, minimum 2 hour)

See What People Are Saying About Our Image Consulting Programs

  • Traci O' Bryan
    I feel like a million-bucks in my new clothes and with an image I wanted to portray. Every woman should empower herself to experience that.
    Traci O' Bryan
    Arcturis, CEO
  • Colleen Beckemeyer
    The one-on-one image coaching sets you at ease to be comfortable in creating the image you know you want, but somehow can’t quite pull together on your own. Ginny Baldridge is gracious and ingenious in building your confidence to new levels of style.
    Colleen Beckemeyer
    Ameriprise Financial Advisor

Communicate a confident, professional leadership presence.
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