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November 28, 2015
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How can leaders equip their teams to radiate civility and confidence in every situation?

If we could wave a magic wand and give everybody confidence, wouldn’t the world be a better place? Recalling the power of your uniqueness is the most appealing aspect of your image and following these strategies will go a long way to convey confidence, poise, and a strong sense of self.

One of the most obvious ways to convey confidence is through the ability to command attention upon entering a room. Mastering body language that will urge others to gravitate toward you can easily be learned. You can demonstrate a confident posture by simply walking with your shoulders pulled back and your chin held up. Many are surprised how this posture instantly makes them feel more assured.

Being aware of the elements of body language is extremely important in displaying self-confidence. There are connections, gestures, and emotions that are perceived in body language. The confident and compelling individuals do one specific thing that sets them apart—they are sincerely interested in making connections with other people. They are the first to initiate a handshake with a friendly smile and a warm word of welcome. Confident individuals act as connectors, taking on the role of host and mastering the art of introductions, asking questions to draw out a quiet individual, and offering to share a table or providing directions or assistance.

While introverted behavior can sometimes affect your ability to feel confident, most introverts like to establish deep relationships and true connections with people. They should not feel too much pressure to make contact with everyone in a room. Realize that even if you are introverted, you can exude professional presence. We must develop the ability to be comfortable and authentic with others.

One reason effective leaders and confident people can move comfortably in many circles is that they show a desire to understand and learn from others. You can easily demonstrate your interest in people by engaging them with good questions. Give people a chance to reveal themselves and their interests more fully by discovering what they enjoy most about work or what is most challenging in their occupation or what their dream vacation might entail. Listen with interest. One of the easiest ways to delight others is to use their name in the conversation and let them talk about themselves.

We live in an era where anyone can quickly gain knowledge and a wider vocabulary through use of the Internet. Use this amazing resource to expand upon your horizons and become a fascinating conversationalist, gaining assurance in every situation.

Demonstrating manners, soft skills, and finesse will enable you to become a more compelling and confident person. More importantly, becoming proficient in these qualities will allow you to enjoy self-respect and the admiration of everyone you meet and lead. Whether you are greeting a clerk at the convenience store or attending a business meeting, the brand you create for yourself is made up of little things you can control. Your brand will inspire others, and bring you success in life and in your career.


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