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Message from YEI President Ginny Baldridge

We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — commonly referred to as VUCA — society. As leaders, we know that in order to steer through the shifting waters our teams must be inventive and collaborative, our people responsive and engaged.

Traditionally, a company would plan and execute deliberately. Business structures and leadership were not designed to innovate or adapt swiftly, instead they were designed for reliability, consistency and a defined hierarchy where each person knew their place and did their job. Current reality dictates otherwise. Improvisation on a daily basis is the current approach.

It takes insight, poise and expertise to develop executive presence concepts and strategies in order to make a positive impact with credibility. Your Executive Image combined 60+ years corporate and training practice to develop our programs.

Open yourself and organization to a new paradigm in leadership. Let Your Executive Image, LLC guide you to be the best.

Why Your Executive Image?

  • We model integrity, authenticity, and generosity.
  • We have the poise and experience to advance individuals with Executive Presence guidance.
  • YEI features proven exercises, custom peer feedback and video analysis researched and developed by Ginny Baldridge and her team of leading authorities on Executive Presence.
  • In this digitally connected, and competitive market environment, we have worked with some of North America’s best and biggest clients from Fortune 500 companies as well as countless mid-market and small businesses for the past 25 years.

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Certifications & Credentials

  • Association of Image Consultants International, Certified Consultant
  • AICI Chicago Chapter Member of the Year 2012
  • Elegance in Style Fashion Consultant Training, Graduate
  • Fashion Group International, New York, Executive Member
  • Women’s Leadership Society Cabinet of United Way, Saint Louis, Board Member
  • Family Enrichment International, Board Member 8 years
  • American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” Program Pratt Cancer Center, St. Louis, 6 years
  • National Speakers Association Professional Member
  • University of Central Arkansas BSE, MSE

Influence, Inspire and Develop innovative Leadership with Executive Presence

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Trust, Integrity and Respect is core to our mission and values.
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