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January 19, 2017
Executive Presence; Vision for 2020
May 13, 2020
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After a two-year sabbatical from working 50+ hour weeks, presenting to numerous outstanding leaders and taking much time to reflect on Executive Presence and its role in the work culture and refinement of the public, I find myself examining the beginning of a new decade.

Many business experts say we live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — commonly referred to as VUCA — society. Therefore, leaders need to steer through the shifting waters and our teams must be inventive and collaborative, our people responsive and engaged.

There is no doubt that in recent generations our western culture has created a people who are fearful, angry, self-centered and often insecure to the extent of attacking others randomly with words and violence.

In my humble opinion, the media has escalated this situation by feeding on the frenzied activity, constantly reporting chaos and bad news while also sensationalizing and debating every angle.

A lack of flexibility, understanding and respect has led us to significant turmoil.

My hope for 2020 is that each of us will review our own actions and increase our empathy, generosity and service to others.

If each of us were unselfish and started listening to one another, we could determine foremost issues, concerns and fears. In day-to-day conversations, we could reassure others that each person is important, that we hear them, that they add value to the world by simply being present.

Think of the conversations that might occur if instead of driving home and rushing into our house, we stopped to say hello to our neighbors. Do we know our neighbors, the market clerk, or our colleagues’ names? Do we know what they do for a living? Do we know who their children are? Have we ever helped them out?

Reuniting community within our own streets, our own neighborhoods, our work environments could possibly impact civilization in a positive direction.

If every single day we were grateful for what we have, if we were striving to always improve ourselves in generosity and understood that we were worthy of relationships, our lives would be better.

My message today is to reflect on all the abundance and gifts that we have been given and to reflect on what we can give others with our time and with our talent.

I strive for excellence and I fall short. Yet as I grow in charity, I receive more love than I could ever give.

Can we contribute to a culture where it matters that we know how to make good decisions based on integrity-based on right from wrong- based on generosity? Can we strive to raise children to give of themselves?

Because only by giving and serving can we be in good and lasting relationships.

Today, more than ever, there is a unquestionable benefit in spending time with our friends, children and parents.

We’ve been made to feel in order to be successful, we must achieve more and have more. Do we have an excess of things we could give another? Every season of life has its new struggles, and it is possible to overcome them and become a better person.

Perhaps we can tune out the noise of social media, Hollywood, and the internet in order to listen to our hearts. This world won’t survive without genuine connections.

In the near future, please expect future commentary on Executive Presence and its role in the work culture and refinement of the public as well as a positive outlook on the future.

I look forward to your comments,

Ginny Baldridge, President Your Executive Image, LLC

Ginny’s Theme song for 2020 – Get Together, The Youngbloods

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