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Employing a variety of learning methods, these informative and interactive workshops develop participants to become more influential leaders.

They deliver more compelling persuasive messages, engage in productive conversations, increase the contributions they make to their organizations, and advance their careers.
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Introduction to Executive Presence

Executive Presence has 3 Foundational Pillars or Components that are interrelated. When asked to define a leader, many emphasize traits such as intelligence, expertise, determination, and vision.

Studies indicate that Executive Presence may be the key attribute that distinguishes outstanding performers with expert leadership abilities. The New York-based, Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) report published in 2012, captures the essence of why Executive Presence is so critical: “Performance, hard work, and sponsors get top talent recognized and promoted. But ‘leadership potential’ isn’t enough to lever men and women into the executive suite. Leadership roles are given to those who also look and act the part.”

Mandatory for aspiring leaders, revealing how each of the Pillars contribute to Executive Presence will give us the means needed to begin our professional success.

Benefits: This exclusive Training ensures we have the poise and communication skills to convey authority, approachability and authenticity.

Presence Prestige

It is nearly impossible to see ourselves as others do – and yet, in every single professional interaction we are constantly being assessed, perceived and judged by others. Those with authentic Executive Presence have developed their ability to understand which behaviors allow others to perceive them as leaders, behaving in accordance with those ideals.

Mastering professional interpersonal skills is vital to honing Executive Presence. ‘Presence Prestige’ or Gravitas is the core characteristic of Executive Presence according to 67% of the senior executives surveyed, according to The Center for Talent Innovation 2012 Report.

Benefits: Assessing our colleagues’ comfort level in any situation and assisting them to feel further at ease. Accomplishing this practice will improve our working relationship tremendously!

High Performance Practices

Every aspect of daily corporate life must be approached with dependable and fitting behavior if our intention is to build and maintain Executive Presence.

Understanding the character and personality of our organization’s work ethic expectations, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes are just examples of situations that require impeccable interaction skills. The best leaders among us know consistency truly carries over into all aspects of life and use them to their advantage.

Benefits: Study why the Corporate Culture is valuable and consistently choose proper behaviors in each setting. Deliberately leverage Communication Skills, becoming more influential.

Meeting Strategies

Meetings are an essential part of the life of every organization and the ability to run highly effective meetings is a critical part of advancement in Executive Presence.

We often sit through engagements that are persistently dull or monotonous and don’t seem to accomplish much. Unnecessary meetings are estimated to amount to $37 billion in wasted salary hours in the United States annually. Developing Meeting Leadership abilities includes identifying the purpose and desired outcomes of the Meeting while using the best protocol and procedures.

Benefits: Ascertain specific action steps to use right away to make Meetings more engaging, motivational and highly productive.

Presentation Impact

Start communicating with brilliance. A key aspect to conveying Executive Presence is the ability to give clear, concise and impactful Presentations. In the modern Corporate setting, Presentation Skills are integral to not only winning and keeping clients, but also to inspiring self-assurance with colleagues and managers.

Each participant is given the opportunity to establish confidence when making a Presentation with one-on-one coaching.

Benefits: Begin making stellar Presentations pinpointing the areas in which we personally need improvement.

Personal Branding

Today where many highly skilled people are competing, integrity and purpose with congruence and alignment are essential to getting clear on the values that promote our career. Part of developing personal brand is protecting our reputation and being vigilant about over delivering what we promise. Distinguish our brand with reliability.

The way others perceive us depends on strategically, consistently, and effectively managing our brand.

Benefits: Develop and direct our Personal Brand strategically and commendably so we can leave an explicit impression in the minds of others and boost our standing in the workplace!

The Art of the Business Meal

Business dining etiquette and recognizing how to entertain clients over a meal is an essential skill set in the business world. Many people believe they have good or average dining etiquette skills, yet most don’t know the finer points which allow us to emanate a strong sense of gravitas and warmth. Whether the Host or Guest, making others feel at ease is an important part of making a favorable impact.

Whether in need of refining dining skills for special occasions, or if we are constantly entertaining clients and want to feel more poised, this program is key.

Benefits: Become armed with a thorough appreciation of Dining Etiquette and feel relaxed and secure in hosting or attending the business meal.

One First Impression

One of the most powerful communication tools is the First Impression we make on others. Realizing how First Impressions are created and using the Four Variables outlined by researchers, will help to ensure we always make the best First Impression possible.

Acquiring the ability to read people and interpret our initial connections with them can guide us to manage the impact we make and the opinion people form in that very first encounter.

Benefits: Boost the ability to make a positive, lasting First Impression. A sophisticated understanding of non-verbal communication and the ability to make others feel safe in every situation are two ideals that will strike an unforgettable upbeat First Impression.

Body Language for Leading

Excellent communication is the foundation of any effective relationship, be it personal or professional. It is imperative to recognize that our body language including facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice speak the loudest. However, it is not uncommon for people to say one thing but indicate something completely different through their body language.

Using body language to connect, influence and instill trust is a competence that can be acquired.

Benefits: Discern non-verbal cues when speaking with colleagues and control our own with subtlety.

Business Networking Like a Pro

Even if we dread attending Networking events we can become a magnet who attracts people and resources when we invest the time and energy necessary to prepare for and engage in networking events.

Based on our networking experience at literally hundreds of occasions, our skill set and strategies will leave one excited to network like a pro. The payoff is developing a high functioning business network that nurtures vital relationships.

Benefits: Leave with a new networking philosophy, a solid plan for building connections and the acumen for enhancing relationships.

Virtual Engagement

In this digitally connected and competitive market environment, it can feel like there is a new mode of communication every day. Texting, e-mail, voicemail, web conferencing and social media are ways company employees now communicate with each other.

However, this technology comes with rules of etiquette that must be understood and respected. The goal is that every time we choose to communicate with another human being, no matter the platform, it reflects well on us.

Benefits: Always present ourselves in the best light by discovering key “do's and don’ts” when it comes to professional virtual communication.

Professional Appearance

Repeatedly, studies have shown that leadership roles are awarded to those that dress the part. The formality of the workplace dress code is frequently determined by the amount of interaction employees have with customers at their work location.

Personal appearance is an often-disregarded part of communication and presentation skills. Our vast experience as professional image consultants, offers all the tricks of the trade. By observing the corporate culture, we can learn how to dress the part of a leader in our office.

Benefits: Determine why appearance matters and how to improve the perception others have of us instantly through grooming, clothing and accessories.

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What People Are Saying About Our Executive Presence Training Programs

  • John Bachmann
    "Ginny’s materials and program are outstanding. In today’s overly casual workplace, this information is more important than ever. It sets one apart."
    John Bachmann
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Past Chairman of the Board of Directors and Member of the Senior Council Edward Jones,
    Senior Partner Washington University in St. Louis, Trustee
    Trusted friend and mentor. Was recognized for his many contributions to society before passing away October 16, 2019.
  • Stacey Johnson
    The YEI 2 Day Seminar gave me guidance during my transition as a leader of a big team.The aspects of leading a meeting, presentation skills and body language were outstanding. I am very appreciative of my experience and plan to send my administrative team to the next training.
    Stacey Johnson
    Head Start Director at YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • Kathleen Bilderback
    The Executive Presence program was fun and took direct aim at a problem that is facing every company hiring young executives.  There is an entire generation of young lawyers, and incredibly sharp professionals, that aren’t dressing appropriately and aren’t behaving in a refined manner. Typically this is because they simply don’t understand the criterion they are being judged by. Even if you’re a master at something, you can always learn more. I emphatically recommend ‘The Executive Presence Program’ at Your Executive Image, LLC.”
    Kathleen Bilderback
    Partner, Affinity Law Group, St. Louis
  • Linda Levy Katz
    What a fantastic class! This is the refrain that I heard over and over from all the attendees. You have greatly impressed all who met you and were privileged to interact with you.Thank you, again, for your generosity and leadership. It made a difference for me.  I not only will be using what I learned, I will be sharing it with others.
    Linda Levy Katz

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