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Stepping into Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence? Create an Immediate and Effective Impact

“Leadership Potential” alone isn’t enough to take us to the next level in business. We have a duty to outwardly demonstrate our skills and abilities in a way that clearly communicates our fitness for a leadership position. Looking and acting the part of a strong leader is key to becoming a strong leader.

  • A sophisticated understanding of non-verbal communication and the ability to make others feel safe in every situation. Make for a First Impression that positions us as Credible, Likeable, Attractive and Powerful.
  • Interpret and develop Body Language and the Four Body Postures that can change the way we are perceived at work. Using body language to connect, influence and in still trust is a competence that can be acquired.
  • The goal is that every time we choose to communicate with another human being, no matter the platform, it reflects well on us. Express Power and Presence effectually with Interpersonal and Virtual Communication.
  • Mastering professional interpersonal skills is vital to honing Executive Presence. ‘Presence Prestige’ or Gravitas is the core characteristic of Executive Presence.
This keynote delivers the means to effective interpersonal skills and business savvy in any situation enabling us to create vision for ourselves and our company inspiring our colleagues.

The Art of Networking

Cultivate Valuable Relationships and Winning Strategies

Ginny’s keynote is not about ‘Working a Room,’ it is about moving from anxious guest behavior to becoming a ‘Welcoming Host’ at every event we attend.

Networking is an essential aspect of doing business, and yet many professionals feel apprehensive when they walk into a networking event. This session gives participants the skills to become better networkers and enjoy it! Being able to strategically navigate these events and create lasting relationships is truly key to success in our life and business.

  • How to prepare for a networking event.
  • What it means to “make an entrance” and how to do it with finesse.
  • The key aspects to making a great First Impression.
  • Food and drink savvy networkers.
  • How to gracefully mingle, making our exit and follow up.
  • The one most important thing we must do if we truly want to create a working relationship.
This keynote is packed with winning strategies that thriving people use routinely to cultivate new business contacts and maintain their current relationships. Even confident networkers find this session takes their networking skills up a notch.

The Power of Image

Selling Without Saying a Word

Our appearance says a lot about who we are and where we want to be. An instant decision is made whether or not to engage professionally, based on appearance, level of eye contact, handshake and body language.

Presenting ourselves professionally at all times and in all facets of our life will promote confidence and trust in our services, positively affecting our reputation and increasing our revenue. Discover the key pointers of appropriate dressing – so people will want to know more about us and what we have to offer from the inside.
  • The art of making a good First Impression – and why we should care.
  • How to incorporate Consistency, Authenticity and Vibrancy (essential components of a Personal Brand) into day-to-day work life.
  • Raising visibility and authority with Image.
  • Project professional image in Congruence with expectations of others.
Purposefully working on our Professional Image is an important element of having Executive Presence and it is paramount to selling without saying a word.

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