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2020 -2030 A New Decade
March 4, 2020
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Why do you believe CoVid presented itself in 2019?

I personally believe Humanity was in dire need of some time for reflection on an individual basis.

Self-reflection is something that a lot of people do not normally want to do because it is scary and hard to do. To ignore our need for self-reflection, we got busier and busier in our lives. We did more and more things; filling our calendar with goals, routines, and lists.

When every minute of our life is “filled” with busyness, we do not have time to look at ourselves or take time for reflection.

But guess what? As the Pandemic continues, things are slowing down and giving us the time to reflect and to look at our world whether we wanted to or not.

As I am human and resilient, I gave myself permission to make the best of this time and situation. I gave myself permission to relax in this time and to trust life. I trust that the human species is growing.

We know and see that Cooperation, Gratitude and Service to others is showing up in a big way right now. It feels good to be a part of this situation especially as this is showing up in the middle of such chaos. It is interesting because sometimes we need things to be at their worst in order to bring out the best in us.

I believe this time and the pandemic circumstances can be useful and beneficial. Every day we can take time to reflect in the stillness. We can be kind, be present and be filled with gratitude. We can make decisions to reset our path.

My hope is that we can prove business experts who say we live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — “VUCA society” wrong as we choose to steer our businesses and lives in a more serene, respectful and caring environment.

Using Executive Presence tenents, we model respect, integrity, authenticity, and generosity and our Hope is that all business persons will want to emulate these tenents.

Our passion is to help you be your best!

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